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I have attended the B&B days for the last three years as a survivor. The first year I attended was during my treatment and it was the best day that I had in what was a very hard 8 months. The pampering was so wonderful that I attended for the next two years and I am looking forward to the day this year. The whole treatment was very difficult but also living after treatment is scary as you do not know if you will succumb to secondaries which can affect your quality of life if you do not a great support group around you. I believe that the community as a whole desperately needs more support for the cancer survivors, whether still in treatment or have finished, as well as the carers who look after them.

Yours sincerely
Stephanie Powell

Advanced Careers College Beauty Therapy department, has been involved with B+B day for 5 years. Each year we look forward to attending, enabling our students to offer their skills to clients who may not otherwise be able to access these services.

Without exception, the students have a wonderful day and enjoy meeting and treating the guests. I find it difficult to say who gets the most from the day. The clients certainly enjoy and appreciate the care, effort and expertise shown by the students and the students get to appreciate the numbers of people affected by cancer but who remain positive and are living life to the full.

It is a reality check which certainly puts trivial concerns in perspective.

The more awareness and support this day gains, hopefully will increase funding by the government into medical research etc. As this is only one day out of 365 that people live with cancer.

Toni Gibbons
Head Teacher
Beauty Therapy Department

Dear John,

I have been a volunteer for "Bald & Beautiful" since it began in Newcastle. My only absences were due to my own Cancer battles.

Carers and Cancer sufferers have expressed their pleasure at sharing this special occasion, looking forward to coming each year. This event inspires hope and relief; hope to return each year and relief from the stressors experienced by both in their daily battles.

It gives us volunteers a chance to give positive healing energy and friendship to both Cancer sufferers and their carers. It enables a physical and mental escape from worries by giving uplifting joy & happiness to all involved.

Kind regards
Verna M. Dabrowa
(Herbalist, Flower Remedies)

Good Morning John.

Thankyou for your e-mail.

This will be my third year off attending the Bald and Beautiful event. It is something that i look forward to, nearly three years since my diagnosis, i live with the fear of the cancer returning every day as most patients do, however this is the one day that i enjoy for me. I attend the event knowing that this is a special day, that im going to be pampered and beautified and go home at the end of the day feeling and my hubby says looking like a princess.

Karen Griggs

The B&B day is an amazing day - it takes the grey out of your life and brings colour back to you and your carer and the next year when you are well and you again attend you feel proud that you can be supportive of the ladies and gentlemen attending for the first time.

Liz Trainor

Hi John,

As a guest of the last two B & B’s I appreciate and enjoy the time the volunteers put in to making this a special day.

The day is very beneficial for all people who are on their life changing journey.

Elaine Shepherd

Dear Bald and Beautiful Committee,

I wish to provide support for the work done to ensure the success of the Annual Bald and Beautiful Day. Through my membership of the Rotary Club of Newcastle Sunrise I have been a volunteer a number of times and one year was part of the organising committee.

This organisation began with no resources and has grown in such a professional way that it now attracts multiple sponsors and is self-sustaining. This is due to meticulous planning, extensive organisation and successful delivery of a program that attracts guests and carers from across our region.

One of the most positive outcomes of the day has been the pampering of not just the guests living with cancer, but the opportunity for carers to enjoy a day of entertainment and support. I believe that it is testimony to this event that not only to guests and carers return each year but that many people who start as guests or carers become volunteers. The success of the event is also evident in the fact that entertainers and pampering providers provide their services at no charge.

There are other organisations that provide support for adults living with cancer but often these focus on assisting with areas such as home care and transport. Bald and Beautiful provides a unique focus on meeting social and self-image needs.

I applaud the hard work done by the Bald and Beautiful Committee and volunteers and hope that this activity continues.

Dr Wendy Hawthorne

“I feel privileged to be able to attend these pampering days. It makes me humble and very grateful for my own good health. To be able to make someone feel "special" for a day is a thrill. I enjoy attending and helping such a worthy cause. My teenage son and I are looking forward to being on board again this year. This will be my 4th year, and my sons 2nd”.

Joanne Minter

Hello John,

What a great thing to happen we here at Hunter College of Massage have attended the B & B now for the past 3 years we have enjoyed very much being associated with this very worthwhile foundation.

As massage therapists and trainers of massage therapists Nick and I understand fully how much massage alone has helped those that we have worked on, some of the people from these days have tracked us down here at the college and come along to our weekly clinics to receive extra attention.

We would never miss an opportunity to come along and assist with our students, we even have students from the past that beg me to allow them to also come along when we get word that the B & B day is coming up.

They come in and word side by side with the new students to assist in this cause, the feedback we have had from the people on the day and the students attending the day is quite phenomenal, we all really enjoy the day and we the trainers and also the students get so much our of helping the community in this way, it cannot sometimes be expressed with words, I have seen students so moved by some of the wonderful comments that the guests have passed on that they were nearly in tears.

It is a wonderful, wonderful day and deserves all of our support and as for our humble small college as we have mentioned we will always while we have students and trainers turn up and be party of this special day.

Best Wishes
Eric Elbourne C.E.O. / Trainer

My name is Graeme Kime, I have attended the Bald and Beautiful function as a cancer patient and I am in full support of this great concept along with the wonderful people who run this event.

It brings not only comfort and support to those still with cancer, and those who have survived cancer but these gathering’s also brings together the community, it gives everyone a first- hand experience to what support and understanding is all about, you don’t feel alone anymore.

No-one wants to know about Cancer, but we cannot ignore it, and the more we can understand it the better we can adjust and improve our lifestyles.

Having these support events gives not only gives individuals the opportunity to share their stories, but gives researchers a better chance to gather helpful information to aide them in their fight against this terrible disease.

I fully support these events and what they mean to many others like me, you start to be more positive rather than negative. To me that’s what makes the difference, you what to fight not surrender.

Graeme Kime 

To Whom it may concern,

I'm a cancer suffer and to go to the Bald and the Beautiful last year it was the best thing around for Adult cancer patients. I really enjoyed the day especially the massages, the pampering, the entertainment. I will be continue coming to these events as i think that all cancer patients need a day of pampering to take their minds of their treatment.

Tracey Alphick

To Bald & Beautiful Foundation,

On behalf of Marcia booth and myself (Jan East) thank you for the invitation to Bald & Beautiful Day. Both of us as cancer sufferers enjoy the wonderful attention that we receive on “Our Special Day” and appreciate the work done by your foundation to ensure that we are treated like Royalty on this occasion.

Jan East 

As a recipient of the last two years at Bald and Beautiful days I found it to be a happy well run and uplifting experience, the atmosphere was so energised, it was difficult to realise that most of the folk there were in some stage of Cancer. We all go away with a feeling of enormous gratitude to; all who worked so hard to make it such a success, God Bless You all, and thankyou.

Shirley Atkins

My name is Linda Smith and I have had breast cancer. The Bald and Beautiful is a terriffic thing for all of us that have been and still are affected by cancer. The people that do this every year are a fantastic bunch who know and understand the need for this each year. Cancer doesn't care who it strikes young or old it will get you at any age. To have a pamper day every year is wonderful as my cancer support group is always there as we are always there for each other through out laughter and tears well the bald and beautiful show they care and understand that we just keep fighting and wont stop fighting. I have been clear of cancer for five years this year and I love the idea of being pampered it's a wonderful feeling . thank you for your time.

Linda Smith


I accompanied my friend who had cancer a couple of years ago. It was truly an amazing experience to see so many smiling faces on the guests. My heart went out to all of them but you could see the joy that one day of pampering brought to so many. B & B is a fabulous foundation and I could not imagine not having it available to so many deserving people.

Thank you,


“It’s a privilege to be pampering these special guests. The pampering makes people feel great and we really enjoy giving them gifts to take home as well. We as pamperers get more for ourselves out of day than we could ever have imagined”.

Jenny Lankshear
Grace Cosmetics

To Whom It May Concern:


A diagnosis of breast cancer and the subsequent bilateral mastectomy in 2006 turned my whole world upside down. My family, the wonderful people from the Hunter Breast Cancer Centre and my group of fellow sufferers made this new life a little easier. Then in 2007 I attended an event in Newcastle known as ‘Bald & Beautiful Day’ – a day of fun, pampering, wellbeing and entertainment for any adult on a journey with cancer.

This Day provided by volunteers was such a wonderful ‘feel good’ day for us as adults with cancer. To witness the obvious enjoyment being given by so many, for so many fellow journeyers, was really empowering.

After attending such a wonderful Day being pampered, I wanted to offer my services and join these fantastic volunteers. Delightedly, I was accepted and I have now been Secretary/Director as part of this fantastic Bald and Beautiful Day ever since.

Sue Wallace
New Lambton

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